Engineering with Creativity

SaaS solutions and web applications to solve your business challenges


Salo Creative is a collaborative software engineering consultancy specialising in cloud-based, data-driven applications.

At Salo Creative we don’t generalise, we specialise. This means expert knowledge and advice on specific technical issues. We look holistically at your business processes and technology inventory to identify root issues. From there we engineer creative solutions working with you and your stakeholders.



Web and mobile applications

Provide unmatched user experiences across your web and mobile apps. We build robust, flexible and high quality applications, specialising in modern technologies including, React, React Native, Vue, Angular, Redux, Node.js and GraphQL.


Digital product design - UI and UX

Our Digital Product Design approach is deeply rooted in strong technical understanding and best practice. We develop products that are technically robust and functionally powerful.


Portals and platforms

Our platforms are bespoke, engineered specifically to fit your business requirements, offering high availability and high scalability to grow with your business.


In-house consulting

Collaborative and creative problem solving keeping your business’ needs, your team’s needs and your ambitions at the core.


At Salo Creative, we have three key drivers: High Quality. High Availability. High Scalability.

We don’t believe in point solutions to patch a problem. Our software is always focused on the bigger picture and growth driven. We build and develop technology that not only addresses your current challenges, but is scalable for future growth. Software shouldn’t just be effective; it should be innovative.

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GAP Creative had been on the look out for a quality engineering team to support us with a series of complex web projects and after our initial chat with Rich and then completion of our first project with Salo, I felt very confident moving forward with further work. Very easy and fun to work with them all.

Gregg Pullin
GAP Creative