Saving brand managers’ sanity with a single-webpage brand toolkit

Saving brand managers’ sanity with a single-webpage brand toolkit

When I worked as an in-house marketer, I spent an inordinate proportion of my time sharing brand assets with colleagues in various departments across the business. The development team needed logos for our platform, sales needed fonts and presentation templates, admin needed company descriptions for trade shows and events… 

In the end, I created a new, dedicated section on our server for all of our latest, most up-to-date brand assets; solved… or so I thought! Within a matter of weeks, the system started to fall over as colleagues added various versions to the folders. Additionally, trying to update, say, particular wording in multiple locations on the drive, was challenging, time-consuming and frustrating to say the least! I hadn’t realised that there was a much better solution, until now… introducing brand toolkits.

I love learning new tricks and tools for this industry, especially ones that save time and hassle, and this has to be one of my favourites – an interactive brand toolkit, style guide and asset manager.

“Consistency in your branding is key to developing trust with your customers”

Vari Longmuir

No more “_logo_v2.4_best_final_2_FINAL.png”

Easy to update, brand toolkits are a single webpage hosting the most up-to-date version of each of your unique brand assets. Providing your colleagues with a single, regularly-updated link removes any confusion and hassle. It also ensures that the right logo, text, fonts or colours are used wherever needed.

Our toolkits can include assets and guidelines such as:

  • Logos and usage guidelines 
  • Colour palette
  • Typography
  • Brand imagery, icons and graphics
  • Templates for business cards, social media graphics, presentations and more

Assets and brand guidelines, all in one accessible brand toolkit

Not only does this option save time and hassle, a digital brand toolkit also ensures… 


A brand toolkit ensures consistent branding across whatever channels you use. Included in the toolkit are clear guidelines on logo usage, colour palette, typography, and imagery. This ensures that all brand elements are used properly to deliver a strong brand identity.


With templates and guidelines also included, brand toolkits streamline the design process. Designers and marketers (or whoever you trust!) can quickly create new assets without having to reinvent the wheel, saving everyone time and effort. This brand toolkit can also act as the base for a design system when outsourcing design work (I know just the team for this!).


Consistent branding ensures a professional image for the brand. A well-executed brand toolkit builds trust and credibility with customers, through a clearly recognisable brand identity (check out our brand flakes to see how well you recognise brand assets).


As your business grows and expands into new markets or develops new products, a brand toolkit ensures that the brand’s identity remains consistent. It provides a scalable framework that can accommodate growth while maintaining a clearly identifiable brand.

Hooray for happier colleagues!

With all this in mind, let’s say goodbye to the chaos of scattered assets! No more versioning nightmares or frantic searches for the right logo or font—just easy access to all your brand assets and guidelines on one convenient link. With a clear and consistent brand toolkit, you can relax in the knowledge that your brand identity is in safe (and stylish!) hands. Cheers to smoother workflows and happier colleagues too!

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