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Booking process UX & UI Design for Picniq
Calendar UI for Dash
What we do

Digital creative through UX & UI Design services

Digital design is what we’re known for and delivering impactful creativity to brands is what we do day-to-day. Today, a digital ecosystem extends much further than having just a website or a mobile app to more digital touchpoints for customers and users. This is why we cover digital design as a whole and are masters in User Interface Design.

Our digital design offering cares deeply about how a user interacts and perceives content that they are exposed to. As designers, we are well observed in current best practices, including accessibility and shaping the best possible user experience through smart design.

  • Websites
  • Digital Products
  • Ecommerce
  • Apps

Our process

Every project is different and we often align a process that fits the needs of the project.


Our Discovery process is set to make sure we learn as much about the project, your business and customers. The discovery process covers a small series of events and tasks between ourselves and you.


Information architecture is essentially a detailed plan for your website or e-commerce store.


The goal of wireframes and early prototypes is to visualise a plan for design, meet user requirements and provide a contextual structure that we can test and refine.


We create high fidelity prototypes based on full visual designs to best simulate a user's experience of an application or system. This allows us to visualise interactions and animations within the user interface and refine them prior to any development work.

“ Absolutely love working with Carl & the guys at Salo Creative. They’re always willing to go above and beyond to ensure that everyone’s happy with the finished design. They’ve made a huge difference to some of our more complex landing pages in terms of design and usability. It’s not just us that think so, the results that we get speak for themselves, be it drops to abandonment rates, improvements to conversion rates or engagement, depending on the goals of the particular project. We’re excited to continue working together on all of our upcoming UX projects. ”
Jessica Potts
Head of Marketing
“ The guys at Salo have continued to be a great support to the Picniq business, helping us with big UX issues and delivering impactful designs that will help the business grow. ”
Matt Skerret

Brands we have worked with

Ordnance Survey
Eco Sustainable Solutions

A smarter booking process for Disneyland Paris

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A booking experience for mechanic services

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Website design for an AI assessment & training platform

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Facebook Events Platform

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Solve challenges with user experience & interface design

We're always happy to talk about business challenges that could be solved with design and technology. We don't have a sales team, you talk directly to the experts.