Artificial Intelligence

Our policy for adopting and using Artificial Intelligence in the work we do

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Our policy and commitment

This Artificial Intelligence (AI) Policy was established by Salo Creative to outline our commitment to the responsible and ethical use of AI technologies in our operations. We recognise the potential of AI to enhance our design, content creation, and research processes while adhering to the principles of transparency, accountability, and human intervention.

We are committed to the following principles in the use of AI.

Principles of AI use

Human intervention and validation

We will never publish or release any content, ideas, images, or research findings solely generated by AI. All AI-generated outputs must undergo thorough human review, validation, and approval before being used for client projects or public distribution.

Transparency and accountability

We will maintain transparency about the use of AI in our processes, ensuring that clients and stakeholders are aware of its involvement. Accountability will be upheld, and we will take responsibility for the results generated by AI.

Privacy and data security

We will handle client data with the utmost care and comply with all relevant data protection and privacy laws. We commit to safeguarding sensitive information and ensuring that AI technologies used for data processing are secure and compliant.

Continuous monitoring and improvement

We will continuously monitor AI technologies' performance, accuracy, and ethical considerations, striving for improvements and refinements to align with evolving industry standards.

Use of AI in design

Conceptual and draft ideas

AI may be used to generate initial ideas and drafts for design concepts, providing creative insights that our human designers can further develop and refine.

Content and images

AI can assist in generating content and images, but only after human intervention and validation to ensure quality, relevance, and alignment with client objectives.

Research and validation

AI may be employed for research tasks, such as data analysis, but its findings will always be reviewed and validated by our research team before incorporation into client projects.

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Ethical considerations and complaince

We are committed to ethical AI use, ensuring that AI tools do not generate discriminatory, biased, or harmful content. We will actively address any potential ethical concerns that may arise from the use of AI technologies.

We will also adhere to all relevant laws and regulations concerning AI usage, data privacy, and intellectual property rights.