Our Flex Design package

Design on demand with less admin

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A simple approach to on hand & flexible design support

Using a pre-paid Creative Credit system called Flexi Design, we can provide hourly design support without the challenges of scheduling available resources, the pressure of using hours periodically and the financial admin.

Our team of creatives will give you the flexibility to choose what you need and when you need it. Whether it’s a 1-hour job or something more substantial, a short lead time can ensure your requests are handled quickly and efficiently.


Get in touch with a member of the team and brief us on your request. We’ll need enough detail to make an accurate estimate of the time required. Once everything is confirmed we can get started.


You will have a visible log of the hours estimated and the amount of available hours in the Creative Credit system. This is accessible through a live spreadsheet. Once you have agreed to the estimate, we will deduct the hours from your Creative Credit.


Let’s get on with the job delivering the creative you needed yesterday. We’ll get over to you the creative assets you need and await further instruction and review your Creative Credit when necessary.


20 hours

£1,800 ex vat
0% discount


40 hours

£3,420 ex vat
5% discount


60 hours

£4,860 ex vat
10% discount


80 hours

£6,120 ex vat
15% discount