UX Audits

Experts in UX Design

As UX designers, we’re always keen to make the experience better for the end-user. In doing so, we stay well versed in best practices. This includes accessibility in design and user experience.

We get asked a lot to help guide and offer opinions on sites brought to us. We’re always happy to do this! So, we produce a number of reports that help indicate current issues and highlight actionable solutions.

Usability report

Aside from accessibility, we will cover a usability report that cross-examines more goal-driven and customer-related user journies. We will address more functional, design and content lead observations.

We understand that every business has a typical customer or audience in mind. And it is those customers who have a set motive or desire when they arrive at your website or application.

Our usability report aims to identify areas of friction for those customers and possible solutions to make the user experience better.

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Figma Experts

We take great pride in our design capabilities, harnessing the power of Figma to bring our creative vision to life.

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