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Multiplay Brand - Branding Project
What we do

Enhancing visual identities

Your visual identity covers how your brand is presented and recognised by your audience. For many brands, it is essential that they offer a personalised look that they can consistently roll across their brand collateral. When it comes to digital, your brand is introduced to a large variety of possible designed elements that sometimes brand guidelines might not cover alone.

We look to create design systems for brands that want conformity for all their web elements like typography, buttons, forms and all the validation and states that come with them. The list of elements goes on and also includes how animations are handled for example. A good design system will set the rules for these elements and ensures that your brand has a consistent visual identity that your audience will become familiar with.

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Our process

Brand Discovery

The first step is to learn about your brand and everything that makes it personal and unique. We provide a series of workshops to identify how the brand is positioned and communicates. This is our opportunity to learn and provide direction.


Enhancing a visual identity is a journey where there will always be options or directions that we can follow. We make the process collaborative and transparent so that you can see where visual concepts are going.


An established identity has all the ingredients to hand and is always easily accessible. We create a library of visual elements with a layer of documentation to help guide you through how the visual idenity should be used.

“ The team at Salo Creative have transformed our brand and identity. They have helped us modernise the brand and look more competitive. ”
Joe Harrison
Sales Director

Brands we have worked with

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